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ProjectOne facilitates our customer’s most critical technology, business, and organizational programs wherever it is required. We carry out multifaceted projects and optimize processes in customer organizations and their global supplier network. Time is of the essence; therefore, we guarantee fast turn-around times - especially in critical supply chain and task force situations.


Whether our customer requires a single person or an entire project team, and whether the need is short-term, temporary, or full-time, ProjectOne provides skilled professionals in research and development, engineering, creative and marketing, production, technology, finance, and administration. We bring the productive, engaged workforce that keeps the company moving forward.


ProjectOne empowers businesses to lower operational costs and streamline operations, while increasing the focus on core functions. Instead of investing in dedicated resources and hiring new employees or assigning those tasks to existing staff, we can provide department-level, turn-key solutions that allow our customers to promote growth, maintain operational control, develop internal staff, and fulfill continuity and risk management requirements.